At the J.V. Group, we are an organisation that recognizes the power of people. We believe that it takes the combined efforts of a happy and a motivated team to enable a company to scale great heights. Our people are extremely committed to the organisational goals and consistently strive to achieve the same. On our part, we ensure that all our people have a fine work-life balance and are satisfied, both at the professional & personal levels.

The company adopts the best HR policies in the industry and applies employee friendly measures such as:

  • On  the job and off the job training
  • Safety measures for the employees such as continuous job oriented training, provision of personal protective equipments.
  • Nutritious Food to Employees
  • Nursing & Medical Facilities
  • Library Facility
  • Higher Education Programs
  • Vocational training courses such as Tailoring, etc.,
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Sports Training by professional teachers
  • Cultural Activities
  • Outstation Picnics